As a PTA President and longtime public school volunteer, I witnessed first-hand the challenges of our classroom teachers.  Overburdened with time consuming administrative requirements that add little or no value to the quality of our children’s education, our public school teachers deserve and need to be treated as professional educators.  In other words, it is time for us to restore the respect the profession is due.  Our talented and dedicated teachers must be allowed to use their unique skills and talents to deliver the curriculum to students in innovative and personal ways, which are relevant to today’s students and families.



We must give our teachers the tools they need to get our students career ready:

  1. A comprehensive set of core educational standards benchmarked to the world;
  2. High expectations;                                               
  3. Student assessment tools for teachers to develop strategies for learning; and
  4. Understandable accountability measures for both teachers and students.

Jobs and the Economy

Over the last 25 years, as an entrepreneur, lawyer for small businesses, and a business school professor, I have experienced personally the destructive effects of over regulation on business in North Carolina.  Entrepreneurs, inventors, farmers, and business owners who manufacture, create, and grow products generate the jobs so desperately needed by North Carolina families.  It is time for government to get out of the way of our North Carolina businesses and let them do what they do best…create real jobs with real opportunity for us and our children.

While many politicians spend their time talking about taxes, it is time we start talking about the real struggle facing most North Carolina businesses.  The “wolf in sheep’s clothing” is simple —- excessive government regulation.  I believe it is the high cost of regulation that is strangling our businesses with excessive overhead such they cannot compete on the world markets and are forced to off shore jobs just to stay in business.

Our state continues to attract people from all over the United States, and it is easy to see why when you look at the diversity and quality of life we have to offer.  However, we are losing jobs and economic opportunity for our citizens to South Carolina, Georgia and others in the Southeast and the world.  It is time for us to completely reevaluate state government and retool our state so that we are able not just to compete, but to WIN in bringing and growing new jobs and new economic opportunities to all regions of North Carolina.